Sometimes my mind needs to drift.

I get too much going on, grading papers, presenting workshops and classes where it is the power of personal focus that draws people into that zone of heightened power where learning can truly happen; and it isn’t that I am either tired or feeling drained, “that is not it; that is not it all.”

The source is the source. We must all go down to the well.

One way down is free play. This little “vlog” (“video log”) shows digital storytellers one way to free their minds and let them play across gathered images: memories, dreams, reflections.

What is one way YOU find your way to the well?


3 Replies to “Sometimes”

  1. I love Sometimes! If it were a painting it would be a collage, with strong darks and lights, humor and mood. Hearing Tristan’s laugh and mom’s voice made my day.

  2. Sandy,
    You learn and share your developing digital storytelling skills, and the evolving results are always delightful. But in the simple joyousness of “Sometimes!” I feel you reached past craft into something else. I see you in your craft; you touch me with your art.

  3. I also love Sometimes. If it were a quilt it would be a “scrappy” with a couple of prints repeated throughout the design and a smattering of old favorites from my fabric stash.

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