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This Spring 2012 term, I have been taking Introduction to Digital Photography here at Lane CC from Richard Lennox, who is an excellent teacher. Our capstone project was to create a “photo essay.” This was a perfect excuse to do a project I’ve long had on my mind–something to showcase my father’s photography.

My dad left behind thousands of slides, and all of them are in a closet, as you’ll see in the video. I chose a mere 125 of them to have digitized at Photo Magic. Then I chose some of his, some of mine, wrote a story, and rewrote and rewrote….well, these projects take time!

It was created in i Movie on the i Pad 3.


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  1. I remember on a hike, Uncle Warren lieing on the ground, looking through his camera at a tiny wild mountain flower. My Dad was helping him by arranging bits of pine straw to frame the flower.

    I would have passed by that spot without noticing the tiny specs of color near the trail focusing on the majestic trees and mountains ahead. Months later, seeing that flower two feet wide on the projection screen taught me to search out beauty in microcosms as well as the panaramic vistas.

  2. Yes, You do see with his eyes, and you also feel and express thru his heart! And it always catches in my Soul. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift of sight. The picture you have of his changing from guns to camera tells so much about him. If you look at the way he is holding his camera and look carefully at the expression on his face you know exactly what his thought processes are! How do I frame what I see? What is the required focal distance?? Exposure?? Does it capture what I see. I remember the Christmas when he requested a camera> He said to me “I think I have a gift for the camera!” That was an understatement if there ever was one! If he were still here in form, he would be taking your classes with you. Glad you share in our memories Bill.

    1. I am honored to have The Mother of All give her blessing to this project. Yes, he did have “a gift for the camera”! I love being able to re-purpose his images for digital storytelling of our family’s legends, tales, travels, and stories.

  3. Sandy, part of your family history – and mine! – is my meeting Warren at SR on June 12 1976. The impact of that meeting resonates to this very day. The embroidered shirt he’s wearing in at least one photo was given to me by Mickey and with great thankfulness of the spirit of this great man I knew for such a brief time, I wore it until it was tattered threads. Perhaps through osmosis I inherited Warrens deep love of wild places and seeing the sacred in the simplicity of nature’s expression.

    To you sweet friend, thank you for your love of wild places and seeing the sacred in the simplicity of nature’s expression and sharing it with us.

    1. Michael,
      Your artistic photographic spirit is, indeed, strong, and it is part of what everyone in the family loves about you! You have the wonderful ability to see the story in a photograph and let it speak eloquently with or without words.
      Thanks for your memory of that shirt, too!

  4. My Father’s Eyes and Mine leaves me heart full and mindful, lost in the past and the present. Your essay is masterful, your most complete and polished effort to date. I consider it to be one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. The blending of your photography and his is seamless- your shared vision deeply felt. Thank you from a daughter of that first generation.
    Cheryl Renee

    1. Cheryl,
      Thank you for your thoughts. You have asked me to speak and present on “Digital Storytelling as an Art Form,” and that is quite a challenge! So far, I have been thinking of it as an educational pedagogy, but I am excited to widen my field of thought and consider other lilies of the field!

    1. Thank you, Adrienne, and thanks to the professional development dollars that are helping me get better at digital storytelling!

  5. Poignant and beautiful, an alive and living tribute which is what I think your Dad would like. The words in your story poem that I keep coming back to are “and so am I.”

  6. Sandy, Thanks to Don Hynes on FB I have found my way here, and it’s a very beautiful place……Thank you.

  7. With a tear in my eye and a sob in my chest I salute your remembering your Father. As your Mom said and I was thinking as I listened to your words, no, dear one you see as he did with your heart. Whether light or dark images of time captured, I remember his quiet spirit who would watch and smile and love sharing with his family, life. Your offering soar as if on eagles wings.

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